Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund

The Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF)  aims to accelerate cures through innovative basic, translational, and clinical applications of human stem cell research. The MSCRF program has, to date, supported over 375 research projects totaling over $130 millionacross various universities and companies in Maryland and spanning a wide range of disease areas. The program brings together scientists in academic and industrial settings to innovate and push the boundaries of human stem cell-based disease modeling and cellular therapies and Dr. Chulan Kwon’s work is one such example of these initiatives.

Dr. Chulan Kwon

Dr. Kwon, Associate Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, and colleagues from JHU demonstrate that immature human cardiac cells made in a dish, can be turned into mature adult heart muscle cells in a month, when placed into rat hearts. This progress will now enable scientists to model adult-onset heart disease. Moreover, this platform can be applied to other areas of stem cell research to generate mature cell types and relevant disease-models. For more details on this work see Johns Hopkins News and Publications, Mature Heart Muscle Cells Created in the Laboratory from Stem Cells. Read More