The TEDCO Entrepreneurial Community

TEDCO provides a framework of mentoring, funding, and networking to support an entrepreneurial community that nurtures researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and early stage companies engaged in bringing innovative ideas to market.

How We Contribute

The Process
We Facilitate
Laboratory ResearchProof of ConceptProduct DesignCommercial LaunchMarket Acceptance
The Purpose
We Serve
Manage Public Funding
for Innovation Initiatives
Encourage Commercially
Viable Research Projects
Transfer Technology from
Laboratories to Businesses
Engage, Mentor, and
Develop Entrepreneurs
Support Business
Coordinate Private
Investment for Ongoing
The People
We Assist
Academic &
Federal Researchers
Entrepreneurs &
Early Stage &
Established Companies

The Value We Provide

The Accomplishments We Celebrate

$110 Million Deployed for Innovation
Over 350 Research Projects Funded
Over 200 Thriving Portfolio Companies
$550 Million in Follow On Funding Secured