2016 annual Report

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Meet The Staff

Dedicated to entrepreneurial assistance and guided by board members appointed from Maryland's entrepreneurial community, TEDCO is comprised of an experienced professional staff.

MEET THE staff

How Did TEDCO Originate?

TEDCO was created by the Maryland State Legislature in 1998 to facilitate the transfer and commercialization of technology from Maryland’s research universities and federal labs into the marketplace and to assist in the creation and growth of technology-based businesses in all regions of the State.

What is TEDCO?

TEDCO is an independent organization that strives to be Maryland’s lead source for entrepreneurial business assistance and seed funding for the development of startup companies in Maryland’s innovation economy.

What Does TEDCO Offer?

In Maryland and beyond, TEDCO is a resource of mentoring, funding and networking for entrepreneurs and start-ups that need guidance as they bring innovative concepts to market.

  • Core competency in technology transfer from research
    laboratories to commercially viable business enterprises
  • Core competency in technology and biotechnology
    business start ups
  • Business development and funding assistance for
    entrepreneurs, start-ups and early-stage companies
  • Funding assistance for incubators who assist
    entrepreneurs, start-ups and early stage companies
  • Support for the entrepreneur community by
    participation on tech councils and incubator boards
  • Support for the entrepreneur community by
    connecting businesses with private investors and
    sponsoring entrepreneurial events recognition awards

TEDCO is more than an early stage funding resource. It is the hub of Maryland’s entrepreneurial network where startups find mentors, organizational assistance, facilities for daily operations, and a roadmap for success.