2016 annual Report

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Meet The Staff

Dedicated to entrepreneurial assistance and guided by board members appointed from Maryland's entrepreneurial community, TEDCO is comprised of an experienced professional staff.

MEET THE staff

TEDCO works with a growing network of Laboratory Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Early Stage Companies, Business Incubators, Private Investors and Legislators interested in fostering innovative economic development in our region.

TEDCO is an organization that strives to be the lead source for entrepreneurial business assistance and seed funding for the development of start-up companies in Maryland’s innovation economy and beyond.


The adrenaline of risk and the excitement of discovery are the fuel of entrepreneurial innovation. TEDCO’s objective is to contain the risk within a set of guide lines that lead entrepreneurs and start-ups to the next stage of funding, and the next level of achievement.


TEDCO continues to value the public funding from the Governor and the Maryland General Assembly and strives to translate this funding into an ever larger economic impact in the region’s innovation economy.

Technology Councils

TEDCO contributes to the efforts of technology councils responsible for raising awareness about the value of the technology industry, its impact on the innovation economy, and its ever increasing influence on job creation in our community.

Early Stage Companies

TEDCO endeavors to assist early-stage companies that have demonstrated a proven concept and need funding and guidance to reach a broader market and achieve greater success.

Business Incubators

TEDCO fosters a network of business incubators that serve the daily operational needs of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and early-stage companies building the momentum necessary to establish their enterprise in a more permanent facility.

Research Labs

TEDCO wants academic and federal research labs to recognize the value of tech transfer and the overall value of commercializing intellectual property.

Private Investors

TEDCO’s due diligence process for business development and funding assistance allows private investment groups to have a higher degree of confidence in entrepreneurs and start-ups that have already demonstrated a higher likelihood for success.