Award Notices

December 2013

TEDCO Presents its First Technology Validation Award

The Technology Validation Program is a new TEDCO initiative that provides funding to validate a technology for commercialization or to validate a market for technology. The program is designed to assist non-Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) institutions and federal labs in Maryland. Dr. Mark Holland, Salisbury University, was recently awarded TEDCO’s first Technology Validation Award.

Dr. Holland received $39,720 to commercialize the project, “Altering the growth rates and nutritional qualities of microalgae.” Microalgae cultivation has many purposes,but it is especially important for maintaining strong shell fish populations. Dr. Holland has preliminary evidence that a type of bacteria found on plant leaves can stimulate the microalgae that are an important food source for young oysters, which are not only important commercially but also act as filters and preserve the health of the Chesapeake Bay.