Checklist for N-STEP Applicants

Applicants, below is a list of some of the important items that need to be included in the N-STEP whitepaper submission and the RFA proposal.  While this checklist DOES NOT contain ALL items necessary for approval, it will be used as an initial screen for compliance review. Your N-STEP submissions will not enter the next phase of the review process until it complies with ALL items below.

The initial step for those not ready to submit a company proposal, is a brief whitepaper. Whitepaper submissions that portend a successful business launch will be asked to submit a proposal.

For whitepaper submissions simply address all of the subject areas requested and follow the two page limit and format requirements.

For the company proposal against the RFA:

•    Closely follow N-STEP RFA requirements when preparing the full proposal including the page limits, page format and page numbering

•    Meet eligibility requirements:

Applicant eligibility:

1.            The N-STEP is focused on NIST Associates, researchers previously employed by NIST, and current employees nearing the end of their term employment at NIST, including but not limited to NIST Post-Doctoral Fellows (collectively “Eligible N-STEP Applicants”).

2.            Applicant must be able to form a for profit company to accepting the N-STEP award.

Recipient of an N-STEP award:

To receive an N-STEP award the applicant’s company must meet all of the following criteria:

1.            The company must be less than five (5) years old; AND

2.            The N-STEP award recipient must be a U.S. start-up company founded or managed by an “Eligible N-STEP Applicant”; AND

3.            The company has less than 16 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees with at least 50% of the employees are in the U.S.; AND

4.            The company has revenue that is less than $250K/co. FY; AND

5.            The company has received less than $500K in sophisticated investment.

6.            No N-STEP award may be made to a company owned and/or managed by any person that is a Federal employee at the time of the award.

•    Target market and its size are clearly defined

•    Included either preliminary data or convincing evidence that the technology works

•    Intellectual property is clearly described including how it is protected

•    Competitive analysis that includes a list of competitors, their products and why the company technology is significantly – applicants are encouraged to use a competitive analysis table

•    List of the management team, and any board of advisors, including their background and extent of involvement

•    A 5 year pro forma statement with the list of assumptions

•    Up to 3 years of historical financials (if the company has existed for over a year)