Checklist for TCF Applicants

Applicants, below is a list of some of the important items that need to be included in the TCF application.  While this checklist DOES NOT contain ALL items necessary for approval, it will be used as an initial screen for compliance review.  Your TCF application will not enter the next phase of the review process until it complies with ALL items below.

☐   Closely followed TCF RFA when preparing the full proposal including the page limit, page format and page numbering

☐   Meet the eligibility requirement

  • MD company with 15 employees or less (at least 50% of the employees in MD) AND
  • Either pre-revenue OR have received less than $500K of third party investment

☐   Target market and its size are clearly defined

☐   Included either preliminary data or convincing evidence that the technology works

☐   Intellectual property is clearly described including the patents and prior art search where applicable

☐   A Competitor analysis that includes a list of competitors, their products and why the company’s technology is significantly better than its competitors – applicants are encouraged to use a table

☐   List of management team, board of advisors, including their background and extent of their involvement

☐   A 5 year pro forma statement with the list of assumptions

☐   Historical company financials (if the company has been in existence for over a year)

☐   List of technical milestones with dollar values attached to each of the milestones that add up to the total amount requesting from TEDCO plus the company match that is at least 50% of the total amount requesting from TEDCO