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Dedicated to entrepreneurial assistance and guided by board members appointed from Maryland's entrepreneurial community, TEDCO is comprised of an experienced professional staff.

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TEDCO Gateway Services Position Description

Position Title: Gateway Services Coordinator

Position Purpose:

The Gateway Services Coordinator is part of the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) professional team and as such is expected to perform in a highly responsible and ethical manner with a moderate level of direction.  This is a full-time salaried position and the Gateway Services Coordinator is expected to be capable of working largely in a self-directed fashion such that the responsibilities of the position are effectively performed.  The position is based in TEDCO’s Columbia, MD office, but will require occasional (less than 10%) time in the field assisting with TEDCO-sponsored or TEDCO-organized events.

The Gateway Services Coordinator will provide administrative and project coordination support for TEDCO’s Gateway Services (“Gateway”) Initiative team as it works to increase the scope, reach, professionalism, and impact of Gateway while putting into place performance metrics that quantify the outcomes associated with individual elements of the Advisory Services Programs.  The Gateway Services Coordinator is expected to handle and maintain highly confidential and sensitive information and will also provide back-up to other TEDCO administrative / coordination personnel.

The complexity of Maryland’s startup businesses is rapidly increasing as are the expectations these companies have of TEDCO.  In many cases, these expectations are driven by the 24/7 needs of client company customers.  The Gateway Services Coordinator will, in concert with the entire Gateway team, work to continually improve the Gateway Services Initiative so it will meet client company expectations while also ensuring a high level of satisfaction on the part of the assisted entrepreneurs, and the associated volunteers and consultants.

Job Duties and Description:

General and Administrative Responsibilities (10%):

  • Participate in internal TEDCO meetings as necessary and be prepared to report on significant Gateway activities.
  • Participate in TEDCO events, including but not limited to Expo, ICE Awards, portfolio workshops and legislative briefings.
  • Prepare reports and requests for information concerning Gateway in support of TEDCO’s stakeholder communications.

Specific Responsibilities (90%):

  • Establish and maintain documents and files pertaining to the Gateway Initiative.
  • Track applications from entrepreneurs seeking Gateway support and generate reports on those activities.
  • Record all Gateway activities in TEDCO’s CRM and run reports as required.
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable activities associated with the Gateway Initiative:
  • Prepare payment authorizations associated with vendor invoices that arise out of various Gateway activities.
  • Prepare invoices associated with client obligations associated with Gateway activities.
  • Expedite inbound / outbound payments.
  • Schedule all aspects of group meetings, portfolio workshops, conference calls, webinars, and other similar activities.
  • Prepare, proof and edit PowerPoint presentations, documents, and other training materials from outlines and notes provided by the Gateway team.
  • Gather information from Gateway clients needed in support of TEDCO’s marketing communication activities.
  • Arrange for TEDCO Gateway clients to support TEDCO activities like Expo, ICE Awards, and legislative briefings.
  • Maintain the accuracy and timeliness of information on TEDCO’s website.
  • Secure signatures on TEDCO agreements and manage the storage and distribution of those signed documents.
  • Respond to phone, e-mail, and website inquiries as needed, and direct those inquiries to the appropriate TEDCO team member.
  • Perform other duties as assigned from time to time.

Qualifications and Experience

The Gateway Services Coordinator will have:

  • A high school diploma with some postsecondary education.
  • A minimum of five years’ experience in an office environment
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills; acute attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, the ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced and time-sensitive environment; and, will be a problem solver with a positive attitude and a willingness to continually learn new things.
  • The ability to lift objects that weigh up to 30 lbs.
  • Demonstrated proficiency as follows:
  • The Salesforce CRM.
  • The entire Microsoft Office Suite, including Access.
  • Virtual meeting applications like Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.
  • Audio / visual applications like Apple TV.

In addition, the following experience / qualifications are desired, but are not required:

  •  Experience in a Microsoft SharePoint environment.
  • Experience in a NetSuite environment.
  • Experience with bookkeeping or light accounting in a QuickBooks environment.
  • Experience with other current software platforms like Adobe, Slack, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and Smartsheet.
  • Experience with graphic design and website design / maintenance.
  • A four year college degree.

Applicants should send a resume and one-page cover letter to


TEDCO Marketing Assistant Position Description

Position Title: Marketing Coordinator


  • Reports to and works closely with the Vice President for Marketing to support activities to increase TEDCO’s brand, awareness and broaden reach
  • Coordinate and support projects, to include major events (i.e. Entrepreneur Expo & Stem Cell Symposium), traditional and digital marketing campaigns, sponsorships, and market research
  • Write, edit, and proofread copy for marketing materials (i.e. press releases, brochures, reports, newsletters, flyers, posters, presentations, etc.)
  • Update TEDCO website using content management system
  • Undertake daily administrative tasks to ensure the functionality and coordination of the Marketing Department’s activities


  • Superior writing skills
  • Working knowledge of major social media sites
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • Strong communication and people skills
  • Preferred knowledge of SEO and web traffic metrics
  • Demonstrate ability to multi-task and adhere to deadlines
  • Basic technical knowledge of HTML and web publishing; ability to learn Drupal, a content management software for the website
  • Be passionate about going the extra mile to achieve results
  • Have a strong attention to detail and enjoy working in a team
  • Work in accordance to the company’s policies and procedures
  • Strong organizational skills with a customer-oriented approach
  • Minimum three years previous experience in a marketing environment, client representation, or equivalent field
  • Preferred: BS in Marketing, BA in Communications, or related field


This is a full-time position with a competitive benefits package.  Salary will be commensurate with experience:

  • $55,000-$65,000

TEDCO is an equal opportunity employer. To apply, please send cover letter and resume to RSVP@TEDCO.MD. Applications will be considered as they are received.  The position will remain open until filled.