The Clear Guide ONE system combines a conventional ultrasound probe with the novel Clear Guide navigation head. It tracks needles and other tools and provides real-time information for physicians performing biopsies and other interventions. It is easier to use, less expensive, and less intrusive than existing technologies, and staff can be easily trained.

Dr. Emad Boctor (of Johns Hopkins University’s Medical Ultrasound Imaging and Interventions Collaboration Lab) was funded by a TEDCO University Technology Development Fund investment to develop this technology with postdoc Dr. Philipp Stolka. This jumpstarted the research towards a laboratory prototype, and helped them start a spin-out (Clear Guide Medical) with two other Hopkins faculty co-founders, Drs. Gregory Hager and Dorothee Heisenberg. Drs. Boctor and Hager serve as scientific advisors to the company, while Dr. Heisenberg stepped up to become CEO, and Dr. Stolka serves as CTO.

The company went on to receive further funding through NIH, NSF, TEDCO’s Technology Commercialization Fund and angel investments, helping it to take on 14 employees. The recent FDA clearance in the U.S., and recommendation for impending clearance for sales in the rest of the world, will allow Clear Guide to market the device at conferences. Clear Guide is partnering with clinicians at the Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland and Yale Schools of Medicine and other medical centers to further improve the technology, and is offering the Clear Guide ONE through its Early Adopter Program to interested parties ahead of the global rollout of their clinical, veterinary, and educational products in early 2015.

Click here for more information on Clear Guide Medical’s development of this device, sales, and investment opportunities. The company is currently seeking Series A investments.