Executive Exchange Program

Executive Exchange is a multi-tiered initiative designed to cut across all TEDCO funding programs by offering supplemental stage-appropriate assistance  to both existing and potential portfolio company entrepreneurs. The integrated nature of the initiatives that make up this Program are unique within the State and will extend Maryland’s existing array of entrepreneurial assistance efforts – helping executives grow and mature alongside their start-ups translates into higher success rates for their ventures.


The Executive Exchange Program consists of four elements:

  • Loaned Executives will be provided to lead a start-up team through a critical inflection point.
  • Gateway Executives will be provided to help a start-up team prepare a critical deliverable.
  • Executive Coaching will help entrepreneurs mature alongside their ventures.
  • Gateway Advisors will offer up to four hours of targeted pro bono assistance in a variety of critical areas.
  • CEO Roundtables will facilitate peer-to-peer support among entrepreneurs.

For several years now, TEDCO’s Executive Exchange Program has been an excellent resource for entrepreneurs.  This expanded program is expected to dramatically increase the benefits to Maryland’s start-up companies.

Eligible Participants

The more intensive elements of Executive Exchange (Loaned Executive and Executive Coaching) will be directed at TEDCO’s Seed Investment Fund, Maryland Innovation Initiative (Phase 3 and Company Formation Phase) portfolio companies.

TEDCO internally funds only nine Loaned Executive Program engagements and approximately 25 Gateway Executive engagements each fiscal year and, as such, applicants should expect strong competition for this assistance.  In addition to making a determination of the applicant’s ability to attract downstream funding, TEDCO’s evaluation criteria include, but are not limited to, the following: 1) size of total Addressable Market, 2) strength of competitive insulation, 3) rate of paying customer acquisition, 4) strength of team, and 5) scalability of business model

Application Process

Please see the Executive Exchange Program Description for details on each element of the Program.  The Application guideline documents provide details on the application process.

TEDCO has an open request for qualifications for executive coaches and roundtable facilitators. Consultants interested in being considered for these new initiatives should submit a one page letter expressing that interest, and a short statement of qualifications and experience in PDF format (maximum of five pages) to reply@tedco.md Please note that this Request for Qualifications is open-ended and, as such, it is expected that consultants will be continually added to the pool.


Neil Davis
Director, Entrepreneurial Development