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The Maryland Entrepreneurs Resource List provides a list of entrepreneurs who are available to mentor or provide leadership to early stage companies or other MERL entrepreneurs based on their experience.

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The Maryland Entrepreneurs Resource List is a listing of entrepreneurs who are available in the Maryland area in the next 12 months to get involved with a start-up company. The List can be used by innovators who need an entrepreneur to commercialize their technology or by university and federal laboratory technology transfer professionals who want to identify management for a start-up opportunity being developed at their institution. The List also can provide entrepreneurs their next start-up opportunity or a chance to network with and mentor other entrepreneurs.

All background information (i.e., area of expertise and experience level information) will be publically posted on the list of MERL members. Although a public listing of contact information is preferred, currently the contact information of the MERL member can be public or private.

Eligible Recipients

Entrepreneurs and mentors who are interested in assisting a start-up company and have at least one or preferably more of the following criteria are eligible to be listed on MERL:

-       raised money from sophisticated investors as a C-level executive

-       participated in an exit of a company

-       two years of start-up experience

-       5years of executive experience in an industrial sector

-       or 5 years of business experience in a specific area such as regulatory affairs, product development, manufacturing, business development, or marketing and sales.

Application Process

MERL members apply by using the Register for List button located on the upper left side of this page. Applications are accepted at any time. In January of each year, applicants are asked if they want to continue on the list in order to keep the list current.

View the List

Anyone can search the list for entrepreneurial assistance.  See the View the List button located on the upper left side of this page.  For tips on speaking with a MERL, or any other adviser, click here.


Linda Saffer, Ph.D.
Manager, MERL