Seed Investment Funds

After careful consideration of feedback received from our recent market stakeholder survey, we’ve decided to transform our TCF and CIF Funding Programs into a single Seed Investment Fund.

TEDCO Seed Funding 

  • An Executive Summary will initiate the application process.
  • More feedback and coaching.


TEDCO’s Seed Investments exist to support certain types of Maryland companies in their effort to develop and commercialize new technology-based products. TEDCO makes investments in these companies so they can reach a critical milestone in their product development efforts and advance their technologies further along the commercialization pathway, which will increase the company’s valuation and lead to follow-on investment, sustainability, and job creation.

Investment Focus

While most companies need funding, TEDCO’s Seed Investments were designed to meet a specific need in the market.  Companies with the following characteristics are targeted for investment:

Principal Place of Business in Maryland

  • This is an absolute requirement for funding.
  • See the TEDCO Policy for more details.

Small, seed-stage, for-profit company

  • Generally fewer than 20 employees
  • Less than 5 years old

Innovative, technology-based product addressing a critical need in a growing market

  • Company’s product incorporates a novel and proprietary technology that provides a competitive advantage and  prevents new companies from entering the same market with a similar product.
  • Technology must be beyond the concept stage – preliminary data should be available to show that the technology works as intended.

Potential for the company to grow and have an economic impact in Maryland

  • TEDCO is an economic development organization – we want to fund companies with the potential to grow the Maryland economy and create jobs.

Want to learn more?

Simply use TEDCO’s on-line submission system to complete a simple application form and attach a 2 page, investor friendly, executive summary.  Your executive summary will be reviewed in about a week.  If your business is a good fit for TEDCO’s Investment Focus, you will be contacted to set-up an initial meeting with members of TEDCO’s Deal Team to discuss your application.   

Evaluation Criteria

Since there are more good companies seeking TEDCO’s investment than there are funds to invest, the selection process is very competitive. While TEDCO is not able to invest in all of the companies it sees, it strives to make the process rewarding for all of its applicants.

To this end, TEDCO is committed to providing constructive feedback to applicants and to directing them to other useful resources so applicants can improve their application, their business plan, and/or their probability of achieving success.  Please note that if a shared investment opportunity is declined by TEDCO, our policy is to accept one (1) resubmission in the twelve (12) month period following the date of the decision notification.



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