A Framework of Guidance and Funding

Whether contributing intellectual or financial resources, TEDCO qualifies concepts, management teams, and the potential market value of entrepreneurial innovation by supporting the enterprises with the greatest potential for success.

TEDCO currently offers a complete framework of guidance and funding through a variety of programs designed to assist entrepreneurs and start-ups. These programs and funds are divided into three categories, and grouped according to the specific purpose they serve in the process of accelerating entrepreneurial innovation and advancing ideas to economic success.

  • Centered on the advancement of technology transferred from research labs to commercial business entities. Learn More »
  • Provide startups and early stage ventures knowledge funding and resources necessary to launch a new
    business. Learn More »
  • Available to assist existing companies that are in position to advance to the next stage of commercial viability but need outside capital investment and guidance to move forward. Learn More »

Participation in any of TEDCO’s business assistance and funding programs is recognized as a mark of distinction within the broader investment community and increases the likelihood of success for a start-up venture seeking to realize its commercial profitability.