Idea Programs

Idea programs are centered on the advancement of technology transferred from research labs to commercial business entities. These programs are designed to assist laboratory researchers.

Maryland Innovation Initiative

The Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) was created as a partnership between the State of Maryland and five Maryland academic research institutions. The program is designed to promote commercialization of research conducted in the partnership universities and leverage each institution’s strengths. More >

Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF)

The Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund was established by the Governor and the Maryland General Assembly under the Maryland Stem Cell Research Act of 2006. The purpose of the Fund is to promote State-funded human stem cell research and medical treatments through Grants to public and private entities in the State. More >


mdPACE is a Program jointly funded by TEDCO and a Federal Department of Commerce EDA i6 Grant.  The output of the program will be an increased flow of FDA cleared devices from the Central Maryland region.  The desired outcome of this increased flow is heightened visibility among financial and strategic investors, and manufacturers such that the increase is sustainable.  More>


The overall objective of N-STEP (NIST – Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program) is to provide opportunities for motivated researchers to build upon the experience gained while working at NIST as they explore entrepreneurial careers.  The Program is focused on commercialization of research that has been done at NIST that are interested in forming companies to independently pursue further translational research and development of technologies specifically related to NIST’s mission, so that the technologies can be commercialized as products or services to benefit the public. More>