Start-up Programs

Start-up programs provide startups and early stage ventures knowledge, funding and resources necessary to launch a new business.
These programs are tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs who want to move forward and need assistance to successfully bring their concept to market.

Seed Investment Fund

TEDCO’s Seed Investments exist to support certain types of Maryland companies in their effort to develop and commercialize new technology-based products. TEDCO makes investments in these companies so they can reach a critical milestone in their product development efforts and advance their technologies further along the commercialization pathway, which will increase the company’s valuation and lead to follow-on investment, sustainability, and job creation.More >

Life Science Investment Fund

The Life Science Investment Fund (LSIF) exists to meet the needs of Maryland companies developing products addressing human health that require approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for commercialization. The LSIF program helps to move products along this pathway by making investments that will enable companies to reach critical milestones early in their product development efforts, to increase the company’s valuation, and to better position the company for follow-on investment, product commercialization, and job creation. More>

Maryland Entrepreneurial Resource List (MERL)

Maryland Entrepreneurial Resource List provides a list of entrepreneurs who are available to mentor or provide leadership to early stage companies or other MERL entrepreneurs based on their experience. More >

Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII)

The Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) created as a partnership between the State of Maryland and five Maryland academic research institutions. The program is designed to promote commercialization of research conducted in the partnership universities and leverage each institution’s strengths. More >


The overall objective of N-STEP (NIST – Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program) is to provide opportunities for motivated researchers to build upon the experience gained while working at NIST as they explore entrepreneurial careers.  The Program is focused on commercialization of research that has been done at NIST that are interested in forming companies to independently pursue further translational research and development of technologies specifically related to NIST’s mission, so that the technologies can be commercialized as products or services to benefit the public. More>

Rural Business Innovation Initiative (RBI2)

The Rural Business Innovation Initiative (RBI2) assists start up and small technology-based businesses in the rural areas of Maryland to advance the company to a higher level of success. The program offers professional ongoing mentoring and targeted projects to help companies succeed at no cost to the company. More >

Market Search Advisory Services

Many start-up companies that fail do so because of a lack of understanding of their market.  While there is no substitute for talking to potential customers – primary research, entrepreneurs first need to assess their potential market at a general level – secondary research.  An understanding of competitors, industry trends, and market segments through secondary research is an important part of developing a plan to launch a business.  Moreover, entrepreneurs that do not have a solid understanding of their market will find it difficult to raise funding from TEDCO and other investors. More>