Technology, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Showcase 

As the world’s leading physical sciences laboratory, NIST conducts research that supports nearly every segment of the U.S. and World economies. To fulfill its technology transfer mission, NIST and its partners at the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) and the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) invite you to transform existing federal resources into new business opportunities, job, and economic growth.

Why should you attend?

• Learn how to patent license NIST technology that can help you start or grow your business

• Meet researchers who can collaborate with you to create commercially valuable IP

• See why NIST is so vital to the economy and potentially your business

So, do they really do deals? After a previous event, a Maryland start-up company worked with NIST and ended up with an award-winning technology and early Angel level investments. In a recent report NIST had 329 Cooperative Research and Development Agreements, 40 Active Patent Licenses, and 4,659 User Facility Participants. In the last 18 months TEDCO helped NIST support four raw start-up companies. So yes, they will work with you.

Space is limited so only one representative per company is preferred. Click here to register.