Technology Validation Program Application

(The Technology Validation Program replaces the University Technology Development Fund [UTDF] and the TechStart program for non-MII participating universities and other non-profit research institutions in Maryland. It also replaces the TechStart program for the federal labs.)

Program Information


The Technology Validation Program (the “Program”) was created to support technology development in Maryland’s research institutions and to foster the transfer of that technology into start-up companies in the State. The Technology Validation Program is modeled on TEDCO’s earlier University Technology Development Fund (UTDF) and TechStart programs, which have demonstrated success with technology commercialization and economic development. Many viable start-up companies were created based on licensed technologies developed with the support of the UTDF and TechStart programs. Moreover, these companies attracted follow-on funding, including funding from successive TEDCO programs such as the Technology Commercialization Fund (formerly the Maryland Technology Transfer and Commercialization Fund – MTTCF), that allowed the companies to hire staff and develop products.


All universities in Maryland, except those participating in the Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) program (MII universities include Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland - College Park, University of Maryland - Baltimore, University of Maryland Baltimore County, and Morgan State University), and other non-profit research institutions in Maryland, and Federal laboratories located in Maryland or otherwise having a partnership with TEDCO are eligible for funding under the Program. Entrepreneurs working to commercialize a technology from any of the foregoing entities are also eligible for funding under the Program.

Entrepreneurs and Federal laboratories are eligible solely for the Market Assessment component of the Program. Eligible universities and non-profit research institutions in Maryland may apply for both the Market Assessment component and the Technology Assessment component of the Program.

In all cases, an applicant must also meet the following requirements to be eligible:

(i) The technology, which is the subject of a proposal, (a “Subject Technology”), must be disclosed to a technology transfer office (or equivalent), and

(ii) The technology transfer office (or equivalent) must have secured appropriate intellectual property protection (a patent, patent application, copyright, trademark, or other form of intellectual property) for the Subject Technology.

In the event that an applicant is an entrepreneur, the applicant must agree to locate any resulting start-up company in Maryland to be eligible.

Applicant Information

In the event that TEDCO will use outside reviewers, please provide area(s) and type(s) of expertise necessary to evaluate the Proposal