Technology Validation Program (TVP) Awards $40,000 to Improve Algae Cultures

Dr. Yantao Li, assistant professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, has been awarded $40,000 from TEDCO’s TVP to develop a two-step process to increase biomass of algae. The results of the project will identify the right conditions to scale-up algae cultures to make natural pigment production efficient in fish such as salmon, which are currently fed pigment that some say raises safety concerns. Dr. Li’s project will be performed at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET) located in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.  [READ MORE LINK]

TEDCO’s TVP includes two distinct components ─ a Technical Assessment component and a Market Assessment component. The Technical Assessment component consists of awards up to $40,000 to conduct proof-of-principle studies that validate a technology’s use for a specific commercial application and advance it to a point where it might be more attractive to a prospective licensee. Technology Assessment awards are made for projects that can be completed in six to nine months.

The Market Assessment component consists of awards of up to $10,000 to support a market analysis and the development of a Commercialization Plan for a technology. Market Assessment awards are made for projects that can be completed in two to three months. All universities in Maryland, except those participating in the MII program, and other non-profit research institutions in Maryland, are eligible for both phases of the program, and Federal laboratories having a partnership with TEDCO are eligible for the Market Assessment funding under the Program. Click here to read more about the TVP.