TEDCO Policy on Concurrent Awards to the Same Applicant

For the purposes of this Policy, an “Applicant” shall mean:

In the case of a university or other not-for-profit entity, an Applicant shall mean an individual investigator working at a university or other not-for-profit entity and applying for funding through a TEDCO program.

In the case of a company, an Applicant shall mean a company applying for funding through a TEDCO program and any other affiliated company in which the applying company has a controlling interest.

An Applicant may not:

1.    Apply for or receive more than one TEDCO award/investment concurrently, or

2.    Apply for or receive a TEDCO award involving the same intellectual property that is the subject of another active TEDCO award;

Except that,

a.    An Applicant that already has a Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF) award may apply for an additional MSCRF Award for a new project, and therefore have concurrent awards for different projects; however, an Applicant may not apply for more than one MSCRF award in the same review cycle serving as the Principal Investigator;

b.    An Applicant may receive a Rural Business Innovation Initiative (RBII) Award concurrently with another TEDCO award; and

c.     Applicants that have a current TEDCO award/investment may apply for funding through another TEDCO program provided that they will successfully complete their current award during the review cycle (monthly, quarterly, etc., depending on the program) for which they are applying.

In all cases, an Applicant must meet the eligibility requirements of the program to which they are applying.