TEDCO Policy to Avoid Program Redundancy in Funding Programs Version 1.1 – 3/3/16

TEDCO has a number of funding programs that support the commercialization of a wide variety of technologies at various stages along the commercialization pathway.  While some of these programs are technology agnostic, others are specific for a technology type and/or a particular stage of development.  In an effort to be efficient and to eliminate redundancy in its programs, TEDCO has established limits on the eligibility of applicants seeking funding through some of its programs.  These limitations on eligibility include the following: be used for that match.

1. All stem cell related technologies may only apply for programs under Maryland’s Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF) and may not apply for other programs including, but not limited to, the Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII), Tech Commercialization Program (TCF), Technology Validation Program (TVP), Life Science Investment Fund (LSIF), or the Cybersecurity Investment Fund (CIF).

2. Companies developing cybersecurity related technologies and eligible for the Cybersecurity Investment Fund (CIF) may not apply for the Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF), but may apply for Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII).

3. Companies that have received funding from the Life Science Investment Fund (LSIF) may not apply for the Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF) program, Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII), or the Technology Validation Program (TVP).

4. Companies that received funding through the Maryland BioCenter’s funding programs (a Translational Research Award, Biotechnology Commercialization Award, etc.) may not apply for TEDCO’s Life Science Investment Fund (LSIF).