To address the underserved cybersecurity needs of small and middle market businesses, Baltimore-based Point3 Security, Inc., a startup in the Emerging Technology Center incubator in Highlandtown, developed technology that makes the talent of malware analysts available to businesses who previously have not had access to the skill set.

Leveraging their NSA experiences, co-founders Evan Dornbush and John Rigney identified a novel approach to detecting hackers, who increasingly are able to circumvent firewalls and anti-virus.  Rather than looking for the files bad guys use, Point3 looks for unavoidable traces left behind when adversaries bypass defenses.

It takes a great team, idea, and technology.  Point3 has those.  And more. It is well timed.  Since the infamous Target Corporation breach, large businesses and government entities are contractually imposing increasingly stringent cybersecurity requirements onto their supply chain.  Companies with fewer than 10,000 employees now realize that sophisticated hackers target them – and not the headline-capturing mega-conglomerates – more than two-thirds of the time.  Lastly, both trust in and adoption rates of cloud-based outsourcing continues to climb.  All of these have led to Point3’s success.

Point3 works with businesses of all shapes and sizes.  From the scrappy startup that wants to protect their intellectual property from theft and disclosure, to the firm that needs to protect customer and employee data, or the government contractors that can’t capture a deal without implementing modern cyber security solutions.

Founded in July of 2014, Point3 has ten full time and 16 part time team members, plus 1 UMBC intern who the company hopes to hire after her graduation.  With its Cybersecurity Investment Fund (CIF), TEDCO accelerated the development of Point3’s technology, Odile, named after Swan Lake’s black swan, which protects Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and (soon) Linux.

“Cybersecurity is a fantastic industry for the state to embrace.  These are high paying jobs with competitive benefits.  The generated tax base makes companies like Point3 extremely attractive”, said Ron Kaese, TEDCO’s , Director of Federal Programs.  ”By focusing on customer relationships rather than follow-on funding, Point3 has embodied the spirit and intent of the CIF Seed investment.  It has shown a profit every year and we look forward to watching its growth accelerate in the years to come.”