At Micro-Coax, our technical expertise, manufacturing and testing capabilities and quality systems support the rigorous configuration management and reliability demands of the military industry. Major challenges that the industry faces include cost, reliability and finding the right engineering resources needed to design cable assemblies for unique applications in the harshest operating environments.

We deliver the most reliable made to print RF interconnects available. System performance and long term reliability are the paramount criteria by which we design and manufacture our products. This allows our customers to produce their systems with higher yields, fewer schedule delays and, ultimately, to provide more dependable, durable and stable performance while still reducing their overall cost. Transmitting a signal from point A to B with minimal distortion and loss is our top priority.

Our quality and product realization processes follow Mil-Spec and AS9100 protocols and Micro-Coax is now AS9100C registered. Additionally, we are very familiar with ITAR regulations as a result of our international exports and maintain a thorough contract review process integrated into all of our product realization activities.

  • Tenured, cross trained workforce
  • Highly skilled in-the-field technical support
  • Robust supplier management system

These steps insure the product needs and requirements of our military and defense customers are supported.

Micro-Coax’s experience, unique capabilities, and broad product offering enable customers to significantly reduce program risk. Due to their superior electrical performance, Micro-Coax’s cables and cable assemblies have been used regularly for signal transmission applications in fighters, ships and missiles. They’re found in countermeasure systems, radar, navigational aids and ordinance and stores systems, among other land and sea applications.