Space Market

At Micro-Coax, we’ve supplied high reliability products for space-grade applications in orbit and beyond for over three decades. Our extensive track record in providing microwave transmission line products means you can count on us to deliver proven solutions to your most demanding spaceflight technical challenges.

Our most popular product lines for spaceflight cable and composite EMI shielding materials begin with KEVLAR® based metalized fibers called ARACON. This ultra light material, originally invented by DuPont and now enhanced by Micro-Coax, provides tremendous opportunities for weight savings without a sacrifice in performance over conventional coaxial cable or EMI shielding materials. Lighter coaxial cables with the lowest loss per gram of mass are a critical component to reduce launch costs or increase payload capacity for many satellite customers. Ultra light EMI shielding materials provide similar advantages.

Our full portfolio of space qualified products includes UTiFLEX® Microwave Flexible Cable Assemblies, high power multipactor resistant TNC connectors, Semi Rigid Cable and Cable Assemblies, Spline Cables and ARACON EMI composite shielding materials.

Micro-Coax’s capabilities and experience allow our customers to make sure they have both a reliable and affordable solution that works every time and mitigates program risk.

There are many other advantages to working with Micro-Coax including:


  • Micro-Coax solutions are proven highly reliable. Extensive acceptance testing exceeding industry standards from the connector and cable component level through to the final delivered product. Qualification testing focused on the unique requirements of space flight performed in our own laboratories ensures that all products will perform as specified from integration, launch, through to the end of program life and beyond.

Ultra Light Weight

  • Micro-Coax offers cable constructions built with ARACON® Metal Clad Fiber. Our ultra light cable constructions can weigh up to 35% less with no sacrifice in electrical or mechanical performance. ARACON® is the only composite shielding fiber based on KEVLAR® from DuPont with more spaceflight heritage than any other lightweight fiber.

NASA and J-STD-001ES Certified

  • Micro-Coax assemblers are trained and certified to complete hand soldering operations in accordance with NASA-STD-8739.3 and J-STD-001ES.

Space Grade Assembly Processes

  • Burr-free connector components verified at 30x magnification
  • Connector component plating quality controls exceeding industry standards
  • Proprietary degolding processes meeting the requirements of NASA-STD-8739.3 and J-STD-001ES
  • Thermal stabilization of components prior to assembly
  • Class 10,000 clean room environment for the construction of spaceflight connectors and cable assemblies.
    • Real-time x-ray to ensure proper connector to cable assembly and solder fill and workmanship to the stringent requirements of the space customer.
    • 100% inspection of all electrical and mechanical requirements
    • Hand cleaning of all assemblies to include connector interfaces prior to packaging
  • ESD safe packaging purged and backfilled with nitrogen before being heat-sealed

Multipaction Resistant Connector Designs

  • Many custom and standard connector designs are available for multipaction sensitive applications.
  • Custom connector designs for multipaction applications are designed in accordance with NASA and ESA recommendations.

Radiation Resistance

  • UTiFLEX cable assemblies for spaceflight applications are offered with FEP and TEFZEL® jackets.
  • Standard UTiFLEX FEP jacketed cable designs are proven to resist up to more than 30 Mrads of radiation and Tefzel jacketed designs up to 100 Mrads.

Minimized Passive Intermodulation Interference

  • Cable & connector materials and finishes are carefully selected to minimize effects due to passive intermodulation.

Excellent Thermal Stability

  • Micro-Coax offers a wide selection of cables which optimize loss and phase stability versus temperature along with excellent mechanical stability over a wide range of thermal extremes.

Non-Outgassing Materials

  • Micro-Coax spaceflight cable assemblies are manufactured with parts and materials with a maximum Total Mass Loss (TML) of 1% or Collectible Volatile Condensible Material Level of 0.1% when tested per ASTM E-595.

Time to Market

  • Micro-Coax offers rapid development and prototyping using advanced electromagnetic and CAD solids modeling tools.

KEVLAR® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company