Telecommunications Market

Micro-Coax pioneered a broad range of cable, delay lines and fabricated cable assembly solutions for the wireless industry. Our products are found in telecommunication infrastructure components such as switching systems, towers, routers, mobile devices and modems.

Our ability to design and customize solutions ranging from PCB mounted solder reflow assemblies to tightly packaged, phase stable delay lines facilitated the wireless revolution of the 1990’s and continues into the 21st Century with tablet and wireless modem products. Three big challenges for the telecommunications industry are: reliability, affordability and high volume production.

Micro-Coax, with its application engineering expertise, vertical integration and automation capabilities excels in each of these areas and working with us provides significant benefits to our customers.

Micro-Coax provides the lowest cost and highest quality semi rigid cable, delay lines and fabricated assemblies available. We have invented cables to solve specific technical challenges related to functionality (solder reflow environments) or specific size constraints. As an example, we designed specific cables to be used in delay lines which minimized signal loss while meeting a customer’s physical package constraints.

We also can design fabricated semi-rigid cables for high volume robotic placement on PCB’s for a solder reflow environment. This enables customers to build reliable, repeatable products. As we are the oldest, largest and most vertically integrated semi-rigid cable manufacturer in the world, customers trust us knowing they have a supplier in Micro-Coax who can support their volume requirements. It also helps customers hit their time-to-market deadlines and performance goals consistently.

For customers in the telecommunications industry, we also offer:
  • Superior design and engineering support
  • Quick turnaround
  • Quick ramp-up capabilities

Utilize our Insertion Loss Calculator as a resource on your transmission line needs.