Micro-Coax offers highly durable, reliable, phase and insertion loss stable and cost effective cable and cable assembly solutions to customers for a variety of Test and Measurement applications. When repeatable and accurate measurements count—Micro-Coax test cable products optimize measurement reliability.

When quick delivery is critical, our web store can supply our customers with our most popular cable and connector combinations in a custom configured high performance cable assembly often within 48 hours.

When the testing environment demands additional level of ruggedization for the cables, Micro-Coax’s wide variety of armor options or MKR series of test cables provides the necessary level of protection to ensure a long durable life. Additionally, when specified, Micro-Coax’s weather resistant armors and sealed strain-reliefs are ideal for outdoor applications such as test ranges and flight decks.

Micro-Coax cables also deliver excellent Phase and Insertion Loss stability. Maintaining calibrations for accurate and repeatable measurements allows engineers to make better decisions and assessments during product design or on a manufacturing line, while minimizing downtime.

We offer cable assemblies for almost any operating condition from bench top testing, to ruggedized field testing, anechoic chamber tests, high power testing and the most challenging test environment, a thermal vacuum chamber (TVAC).

Finally, Micro-Coax has one of the most extensive test laboratories in the industry with the capability to test our cables for flexibility, torque, thermal chamber conditioning and many other specifications.

In House RF Shielding Test Capabilities

  • Mode Stir Testing per IEC Standard 61000-4-21, Annex F
  • Testing to 18GHz with verification of –100dB performance

Multipaction Test Capability

  • Pulse Power : 2000W Peak
  • Duty Cycle : 6 percent max.
  • Frequency : 1-2 Ghz

Real Time X-ray

  • Verify solder flow on both conductors
  • Inspect joint cleanliness
  • Ensure proper assembly techniques